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Prima Uno Training is part of the Prima Uno Group of companies.

Following on the success of Prima Uno’s Project Controls Centre of Excellence and the Project Controls Apprenticeship, the natural progression was to make our training services available directly to industry.

Prima Uno Training offers first class training for professionals wanting to gain knowledge and experience in various aspects of project controls, whether you are a company wanting to upskill your current workforce or an individual wishing to enhance your career.

Our course material is written following recognised best practise and is taught by experts selected for their extensive experience in their specialist fields.

Prima Uno Training
Prima Uno Training

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Course Overviews

This is an introductory course designed by Project Controls professionals for individuals new to Project Controls. The course will equip the trainee with the fundamental tools for understanding project planning best practice through to project scheduling, execution and reporting.


It is a 2 day course that will cover:

  • Planning & Scheduling
  • The Work Breakdown Structure
  • Estimating
  • Risk management
  • Baseline schedules
  • Cost Control
  • Performance measurement & reporting
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Forensic analysis & assessment
  • An introduction to developing and defining the scope of a project.
  • An introduction on how to produce Project Scope Staements, which include high level scope, through to detailed work and completion objectives.
  • Gain an understanding of why these documents play such a vital role in the success or failure of a project.

Two Day Course

An introductory course aimed at individuals who have little or no experience or knowledge of project planning and project scheduling.

One day course

The course includes an introduction to

  • Project – what is a project?
  • Project Scope
  • Planning a project
  • Work Breakdown Structure WBS
  • Building of Project Schedule – Activities, relationships, progressing and scheduling a project.
  • Baselines – adding, assigning and maintaining.
  • Planning software such as Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project.

This course covers all aspects of Resource and Cost allocation to project schedules. It also includes the initial setting up of resource and role dictionaries.

It is an essential element in developing fully costed project schedules with full Earned Value Management capability.

  • Assigning cost, resources including contracts, people, equipment & materials.
  • Define Roles and Resources
  • How to set up Role and Resource dictionaries.
  • How to set up and assign Resource Calendars (resource availability)
  • How to set up automatic cost escalation over time
  • Resource utilisation –  levelling & optimisation
  • Produce resource and cost profiles
  • Produce resource and cost reports

Two day course

This course covers the basics of producing estimates for the deivery of projects.

Learn how to develop a project estimate using:

  • Contractor & Supplier quotations
  • Internal company records
  • Price indices
  • Industry Journals
  • Stock figures
  • Material costs
  • Equipment hire
  • Norms

Two Day Course

Introduction to Earned Value Management (EVM).

Although this is an introductory course, it does cover the key aspects of EVM, ensuring the trainee will have a full understanding of how and why it is applied to projects and programmes.

The course covers the following key elements:

  • Basic EVM requirments for a project schedule
  • Baselines and the why they are key to EVM
  • Earned Value Calculations – activities, WBS, projects and programmes
  • Schedule Performance (Project delivery)
  • Cost Performance
  • Using EVM to forecast cost and schedule completion

Two day course

This course offers a pragmatic view and introduction into all aspects of risk and value management, including risk workshops, risk awareness, and applying risk and contingency to a project.

Two day course

This course offers a pragmatic view and introduction into all aspects of risk and valuation management, including risk workshops, risk awareness, and applying risk and contingency onto a project.

Two day course

Introduction to cost engineering – learning how to manage the project cost, assessing valuation claims from subcontractors, assessing other external costs, internal costs etc.

Two Day Course


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