Introduction to Earned Value Management

What is Earned Value Management (EVM)?

Earned Value Management (EVM) gives you the tools and techniques to know where you really are within a project environment. You can use EVM to understand whether you are currently ahead of or behind schedule, and whether you are under or over budget.
Of more importance, EVM also allows you to understand how you are trending so that you can better estimate the duration and cost remaining to complete the project. This training course provides an overview of EVM and how it is applied and integrated into your project using industry standard techniques.

Who is EVM aimed at?

  • Individuals new to the project controls environment and wishing to understand the concepts around EVM and how these are currently utilised in their company.
  • Individuals who currently hold a PC role within their organisation but wish to understand EVM further.
  • Project managers using EVM in their organisation.
  • Managers and PMO members that are considering implementing EVM in their organisation.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the purpose of Earned Value Management (EVM).
  • Define basic EVM terms.
  • Measure performance using earned value techniques.
  • Describe how to monitor and control project schedule and budget.

Course Units Include

  • Earned Value Management (EVM) overview.
  • Earned Value Measurements.
  • Manage the Schedule and Budget.
  • Monitor and Control project schedule and budget.
  • Apply Earned Value Management.