Project Planning – Cost and Resource Loading

What is this course?

This course is the second stage to the introduction to project planning module and focuses primarily on a specific element of project planning i.e. cost and resource loading within a project environment. Looking at the importance of utilising the correct resources and when and when not to use them

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Project controls staff who are fairly new to the role and want to understand resource utilisation within projects in a better way
  • Project Engineers/Project Managers who want to have an overview of how to deal with resources on the projects
  • Project controls staff who want to brush up on their resource utilisation/management skills

Learning Objectives

  • The importance of utilising the correct resources on a project.
  • Loading the resources/expenses etc into the Project.
  • Analysing the differing outputs in terms of resource management.
  • Working with the project team to look at peaks and troughs and manage the project resources effectively.
  • Understanding Critical paths and the effective use of resources to help the project.
  • Understanding how to resource level, using the plan.

Course Units

  • The correct way to create a role dictionary.
  • The fundamental difference between roles and resources.
  • Inputting roles and resources onto activities.
  • Outputs of roles and resources.
  • Utilising histograms, reports to understand the impact of resource management on the project.
  • Levelling project resources.
  • How does levelling resources affect the critical path?
  • Advising the Project team on the best way to handle over/under allocation on the project.